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Energy Article ImageEnergy loss can arise due to a variety of factors. Aging, metabolic slowing, diet, stress, activity level, and other environmental factors can contribute to a feeling of being run down, tired, and poor mood. Living with these symptoms does not have to be an option any longer- nature and science have conspired to bring about a new potent formula that attacks the causes of energy loss fro the inside out. The resulting formula is Cortibol.

Cortibol contains a powerful matrix of proven natural compounds which work in synergy to amplify and maximize results for you body.

Nobody wants to feel sluggish and unmotivated, but sometimes we just a need a push in the right direction. Many people turn to stimulants such as energy drinks or coffee when they feel tired, but unfortunately this only masks the real problem and provides a temporary solution that over time is harmful to the bodies processes. Caffeine, the primary stimulant ingredient in coffee and energy drinks that gets you going is a powerful diuretic. This means that it expels water from the body, causing rapid dehydration. One of the main symptoms of dehydration unfortunately is FATIGUE. While your go juice may help for an hour or two, any time you ingest caffeine you will ultimately only hinder your body from optimal performance.

Another factor contributing to fatigue is elevated Cortisol levels. Chronic high stress due to many factors makes your body produce more Cortisol than is necessary. Cortisol is a stress hormone, released to help your body in times of need, but over time too much of the hormone in the body starts a negative feedback loop, leaving you tired, overweight, and lacking the stamina and energy you once had.

Cortibol contains powerful natural compounds known as ADAPTOGENS. Researchers at VH labs spent months testing various herbal extracts to find which would be most potent in combination at relieving stress related symptoms. Users of Cortibol report significant changes in the first 10 days!
> More energy
> Improved mood
> More stamina and libido
> Increases in strength and vitality
> Sense of well being

Cortibol Cortisol Blocker