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Natural Testosterone Booster for Men
The benefit of raising your testosterone levels naturally is that you can harness the positive effects without creating a “negative feedback loop”. When you increase levels of any of the bodies hormones dramatically by taking them synthetically, as with anabolic steroids, the body must then figure out what processes to stop, what processes to speed up,etc. in order to remain in balance. This is why the testicles shrink and the male breast tissue begins to grow with steroid abuse. The testes are told by the brain to shut off because they are no longer needed, and the body begins to increase its estrogen levels to match its high testosterone levels- causing water retention and gynocomastia.

By using a natural booster like TestRush you can avoid these side effects because its your own testes producing more real testosterone. And because the product works to increase your own levels by 25 to 40%, not 300 to 500% like steroids will you will not increase estrogen levels.

Testosterone Declining with AgeNatural testosterone production is at its peak during the teens and early twenties causing you to build muscle fast. As you age the natural production begins to drop off and many of the positive effects associated with youth begin to fade as well. You may remember how much energy you had in your teens, how you could play sports for hours and recover quickly, and that your libido was out of control. These are all the symptoms of heightened testosterone levels.
Environmental factors can also play a role in your perception.

Remember that in addition to having higher testosterone levels in your teens and early twenties you also likely had no responsibilities. You probably went to school, were active, and generally carefree. This can make a huge difference on your general mood and enjoyment. Fast forward a few years- now you have a job, possibly a family, bills to pay, etc...life is no longer as easy, and to make matters worse your testosterone levels are beginning to drop, just when you need them most. Fortunately there is a way out of this downward spiral. You can return your body’s natural production of testosterone to healthy levels naturally without the high costs associated with a prescription, or the side effects of taking steroids. TestRush is a potent natural formula proven by users to help men in 3 key areas. These are the 3 areas that Testosterone has the greatest effect on the body.
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#1. Energy - Many men who have taken TestRush report increases in overall energy levels....and this is not like drinking an energy drink. This is vitality. Improvement in mood and general feeling of well being. Testosterone can increase metabolic rate- which means the body begins to process food more efficiently, burning fat for energy- these processes lead to more consistent energy production and balancing of mood hormones.

#2. Libido
- Most men taking TestRush report large increases in sex drive. Testosterone is key to libido, and when levels begin to fall the sex drive will go with it. Users of Testrush report thinking of sex more often, having more frequent and longer lasting erections, as well as more sexual confidence.

#3. Muscle Mass
- Users of TestRush who weight train or are engaged in sports report significant gains in size and strength. Higher testosterone levels can increase the appetite as well as protein synthesis- which in combination can mean more muscle and strength.