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TestRush Rebounding from Injury and Illness

Recovering from illness or injury can be a slow and prolonged process for many men, especially as they age. Things that the body once recovered from very easily in youth become harder and harder to deal with. This could be something as simple as a pulled muscle or even a cold- declining hormone levels can result in metabolic slow down and even a compromised immune system. Other factors such as body fat and activity level also play a role in lack of recovery ability.

Raising testosterone levels back up to normal levels can reverse this trend and speed the bodies recovery abilities considerably. Research has shown that elevated testosterone levels will increase metabolic rate, improve protein synthesis, and increase immune response- what this means essentially is that you recover more quickly. At the cellular level nutrients are shuttle to cells more efficiently and the rebuilding process is stimulated. This is one of the primary reasons that when you young you can play sports every day, or only remain ill for a few days at a time. Your body has the hormonal signalers to increase metabolism and immune response. As you age these signals become less frequent and with less intensity as your testosterone levels decline- resulting in prolonged nagging injuries and sickness.

Boosting your bodies natural testosterone production with TestRush can dramatically impact your bodies ability to recover. Users of TestRush’s powerful formula report increase feelings of vitality- more energy for exercise, fewer nagging aches and pains, and decreases in body fat over time. If your health and well being are important to you, and you have noticed a decrease in immunity or have frequent injuries, try a bottle of TestRush today and get back on the road to accelerated recovery and vitality!

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