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Living a healthy and active lifestyle is key to longevity. As we age the metabolism can begin to slow, and this can lead to more sedentary unhealthy lifestyles. There are many ways to stay active, whether it be basic exercise like walking or more active endeavors like tennis or golfing, appetite can play a big role in fitness success.
     The body needs calories to rebuild and maintain its systems. When you miss meals due to appetite loss the body doesn't get what it needs. Even worse it can cannibalize itself by tearing down muscle tissue to use those proteins in more vital areas. Over time muscle mass will decrease and fatigue can set in. Eating enough healthy meals to keep your body functioning at its best is vital to overall health, and Eatmor is designed to do just that!
     Eatmor is a 100% natural potent appetite stimulant. Taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to mealtime it works with your body’s natural processes and amplifies hunger. You can regain the desire to eat with the very first serving of Eatmor. Users of Eatmor report a 30% increase in calories at each meal. For those suffering from appetite loss these numbers are incredible- it means that you can boost your hunger throughout  the day without the use of expensive drugs or home remedies that just don't work. If your goal is to stay active then eating enough healthy meals each day is a must. A body that gets the good food it needs to repair itself is a body that feels younger. That means more time for you out on the course or on the court. Jump start your metabolism with plenty of exercise, and more healthy meals with
Eatmor. Try a bottle today!

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