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Appetite loss is a common problem for people recovering from illness or injury. The stresses put on the body, both internally and externally can derail an otherwise healthy appetite and metabolism. This can lead to severe changes in body weight that can have farther reaching consequences on health and vitality as time goes by. Regaining the weight you’ve lost during recovery periods is vital to moving forward and reclaiming your quality of life.
      If you are a fortunate survivor of cancer or other life threatening illness then you know the toll that chemotherapy, radiation, and other treatments can have on your physicality. Feeling your vitality taken from you during treatment is a hardship, but often survivors of these illnesses can feel lethargic and run down for months afterward. It often takes a year or more to regain the body weight that was lost during treatment. Appetite loss is a common side effect of survivors of both illness and trauma...but the road back to health and wellness doesn't have to be a long one- at least where weight gain is concerned.
    Eatmor is a 100% natural potent appetite stimulant formula. Its ingredients work with your body to encourage weight gain by increasing appetite. While taking Eatmor you will want to eat at mealtimes, and for those recovering from illness it is often a struggle
just to remember to eat. Eatmor allows you to regain the desire to eat you had before your illness and get
back to a healthy body weight. Users of Eatmor report a 30% average increase in meal size while taking Eatmor- these are significant numbers if your goal  is to put back on the healthy body weight you’ve lost. The formula is simple- Eatmor food, Gain more weight.
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