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All men want to be stronger, period. Strength is a sign of power, youth, and a powerful physique is a signal to  other men and women as well that you are masculine  force to reckoned with. The reason most men feel the  best, and are the strongest, and most virile when they are young us because that is when natural testosterone levels are at there highest... we just don't realize it until later on when it starts to decline.

Becoming stronger is a process like any other, but fortunately there are guidelines to follow to maximize your strength levels at any age. Here are the basic principles involved in optimal strength.     
  1. Strength Training - in order for your muscles to grow stronger you must give them a reason to BE stronger. The best way to accomplish this is consistently challenge them with weight training. Generally speaking routines with higher repetitions and lower intensity are suited for hypertrophy (i.e. muscle size), and routines which feature higher intensity levels and lower rep ranges are more suited to gains in strength. Alternating between the two training philosophies is a great way to get the benefits of both.
  2. Proper Diet - the body needs fuel to survive, calories. If you want to reshape and enhance the way your body functions you will need to give ti EXTRA calories. More Food, and better food. Muscles need protein to rebuild, and carbohydrates and fats to fuel the rebuilding process. Shoot for 1 gram of protein per lb. of body weight each day and you should start to see your muscles begin to harden up and strength to improve.
  3. Hormonal Support -  using a natural Testosterone booster is a great way to help your body to put on more muscle and gain more strength. If Testosterone levels are low then putting on mass is next to impossible...However if you flip the switch and turn your Testosterone up a notch the gains in strength and size come more readily, not to mention a boost in sex drive. The Hormone Testosterone is key to accelerating protein synthesis and speeding recovery from your training.

VH Nutrition has created TestRush, a powerful natural formula purpose built to raise natural testosterone production and absorption in men. Men using Testrush report feeling enhanced libido and vitality, as well as increases in strength and muscle mass. All without the harmful side effects of expensive drugs and hormones. Try a bottle of TestRush today!

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