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DIM XT ADEstrogen dominance is a serious hormonal problem that can affect men and women. In men estrogen dominance is marked by an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone. Estrogen is naturally produced in the testes in very small amounts. However, when the male body begins to produce more estrogen the effects are drastic.

Aside from the obvious emotional effects this can have on men another consequence of estrogen dominance is male breast growth. In the same way that estrogen causes the female breast to grow in puberty, when a male experiences estrogen dominance there is an enlargement of the breast tissue. Men obviously find this very disturbing both physically and emotionally.

Loss of sex drive is also a common sign of estrogen dominance. Not only can high levels of estrogen affect a man’s desire for sex, but it can also affect his ability to perform sexually resulting in erectile dysfunction. This causes a bad cycle of insecurity and increasing difficulty to initiate sex or have sex. This can have a devastating effect on a man’s confidence and overall health.

Hand in hand with a loss of a healthy sex drive comes an increased rate of infertility in men who are exposed to high levels of estrogen. For men who are actively trying to start a family these issues can mount up together to create a very distressing situation which may have long term effects on his emotional well- being. Other symptoms of estrogen dominance can include higher risk of stroke, heart attack and quick weight gain.

This may all sound like a dire situation for a man facing estrogen dominance. Basically it sounds like your life as man is pretty much over. However, there is help for this medical problem. It is important that a man not be too embarrassed to discuss his concern of estrogen dominance with his doctor. Without a proper diagnosis of the problem it will only get worse. Simple blood tests can be done to evaluate hormone levels. Once your doctor has pinpointed the hormonal imbalance, you can begin your journey toward correcting it.

The pharmaceutical world has many hormone replacement or hormone correction medications out there. There are, however, some natural supplements that can drastically help your body bring your hormones back into balance with none of the side effects that many people deal with in synthetic hormone therapy.


Zinc is a very powerful nutrient that many people are deficient in. Zinc helps to raise testosterone levels in men and lower estrogen levels. The added bonus of adding zinc into your diet is that zinc has a powerful effect on the male sex drive. In fact zinc has a powerful effect on many aspects of the male reproductive system. Since lack of sex drive and infertility are symptoms of estrogen dominance, zinc is a perfect supplement to start with if you are dealing with this problem.


B-vitamins are an important supplement for men dealing with estrogen dominance as well, because B-vitamins assist our body’s enzymes to interact with other chemicals. Estrogen gets absorbed more quickly into the body when these enzymes are not functioning properly. The added bonus of taking B-vitamins is that they can have a drastic effect on your mood and general sense of well-being. Sense many men experience a sense of depression when dealing with estrogen dominance this is an important supplement to add to your diet.

DIM Supplements

DIM or Diindolylmethane supplement is an important phytonutrient found in many vegetables. It acts upon the enzymes of the body to make testosterone absorb more quickly and to act more efficiently. It also assists with estrogen metabolism, which basically means that it helps the body produce the right amount of estrogen and absorb the right amount of estrogen.