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nutrition and wellness picture     Good nutrition is essential to any weight loss program as well as general healthy living. Elevated Cortisol levels due to stress can wreak havoc on the bodies metabolism and normal hunger and appetite rhythms.
     Over time cortisol causes fat deposition in the abdomen, due largely in part to changes in appetite and food choices. Cortisol will suppress the hormone leptin, which acts to help you to feel full during meals. When this hormones absorption is blocked you will continue to eat more calories than is necessary to maintain your ideal body weight and fat and unwanted weight gain will result.
     In addition, studies have shown that elevated Cortisol levels due to stress can also alter your predisposition to healthier food choices. Cortisol can create powerful cravings for sugary and fatty foods, which are addictive and higher in calories. Processed foods with high sugar content are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, so rapidly in fact that often the caloric needs of the body are exceeded and the extra sugar is quickly stored away as fat. Fats contain more than double the amount of calories per gram as either proteins or carbohydrates, 9 gms compared to 4,- so exceed your body’s caloric
needs is again very easy to do without you knowing it, and the extra calories will be stored away as fat around your organs in the abdomen.
This fat is extremely unhealthy and can lead to heart disease and a myriad of other health problems.
    Choosing healthy foods that are low in sugars and extra fat is a great way to help your body to stop the cycle of storing way
unwanted calories. These healthier foods are often higher in complex carbs that take longer to digest, as well as high in fiber which
helps to flush toxins from your digestive tract.
     If healthy dieting is a priority then choosing a natural Cortisol blocker to help aid in your weight loss program is a no-brainer.
Cortibol works with your body to reverse the symptoms of elevated Cortisol due to stress and helps to reverse the deposition of unwanted fat around the body. In conjunction with proper diet and exercise programs users of Cortibols potent natural formula have reported lost inches and pounds within the first few weeks and beyond. Take the next step towards wellness and choose Cortibol today!

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