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folliform every day picToday there are 35 million men and 21 million women in the US suffering from hair loss. According to studies only 800,000 people worldwide are currently seeking treatment. Why? because of the high cost of other natural hair loss treatments like NuHair and Shen Min. While theses treatments have proven effective for some, many others go untreated because these costs are too great, or because they simply feel like there is no real solution to their hair loss problem.

Introducing Folliform, the 100% natural DHT blocking formula from VH Nutrition. DHT absorption has been directly linked to early male/female pattern baldness- by using a natural DHT blocker you can act now to stop the harmful effects of DHT without the cost and possible side effects of prescription treatments.

Folliform’s powerful ingredients work in harmony with your bodies systems to create a natural Bio-Shield around your follicles. The DHT is blocked from attaching itself to your roots and choking off vital blood and nutrients supply to your hair. Over time the struggling hair begins to miniaturize due to lack of nutrients, then finally falls out. Regular use of Folliform helps to counteract this cycle and lets you hold onto the hair you have while allowing your body to nourish and replenish damaged hair.

Users of Folliforms potent natural formula have reported noticeably thicker healthier hair within 30 days, as well as signs of slowed hair loss. Some users have even reported seeing a complete stop to their hair loss and a healthier stronger head of hair. If you are like millions of people around the globe suffering from thinning hair, stop the DHT cycle and give Folliform a try today!

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