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    In today's fast paced environment we are constantly bombarded with stressors. More information to process and faster paced work and family environments leave our central nervous system in a constant state of overload. The bodies reaction to this stress is to release the hormone Cortisol into the bloodstream.
    Cortisol’s job is to keep your body functioning in a state of “high alert”, and it does this by altering many of the bodies other functions to prepare you for this ongoing battle. If adrenalin is a like one time bomb drop on your system - creating the rapid “fight of flight” response think of Cortisol as more of a long lasting mulch-faceted attack who's effects are felt over the long term if the stressors are not eliminated.
    Cortisol goes to work to help you deal with your stress, but the problem is that if your stress does not subside your Cortisol levels do not either, and you are left feeling the physiological effects of its actions.
    For example: one way Cortisol tries to help you is by decreasing your sensitivity to the hormone leptin -, which tells you when you are full, and increasing insulin production- which signals the body to store energy in the form of calories. Why? Because under stress the body believes it is in danger, and for ancient humans there was no greater danger than starvation. While this may not be true today, your body doesn't know the difference and you start to not only eat more food, but often develop cravings for sugary or fatty foods that are high in calories then Cortisol tells your body to save these extra calories....and of course our bodies energy storage device is FAT.
    Elevated Cortisol levels over months and years leads to the build up of fat stores all over the body, and not just the fat that we can see. The fat that lies just under the skin is called subcutaneous fat, and is what most people associate with obesity or being out of shape. But there is another kind of fat that you cant see that really does the damage, its called visceral fat, and it collects around your organs and causes them harm over time. This is what causes a “beer belly” for example, its fat inside your body cavity around your liver and intestines that causes the  stomach unwanted distention.
    So the question now is what can you do about it? Well, diet and exercise are important components to overall health, and so it controlling the hormonal variances that can derail your health. Cortibol is a 100% natural cortisol blocker that works with your body to stop cortisol’s destructive cycle in your body. Users report increases in energy, and stamina, decreases in stress feelings as well as significant decreases in body fat
percentages when combined with diet and exercise programs. You want to stop Cortisol? Give Cortibol a try today!

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