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Healthy Living ImageLife is busy, and taking proper care of yourself can often fall into the background of your To-do list each day. With work and family stresses and day to day life challenges things like exercise, nutrition and proper supplementation do not become priorities, but the truth is that when our bodies and minds are healthy and functioning correctly  we are happier and live longer and more fulfilling lives. Here are some helpful tips that might make a difference  in your life and get you started on a healthier track!

> Walk, jog, or run - getting you body moving is a great way to increase metabolism and improve muscle tone.
> Drink more water - did you know that dehydration leads to fatigue. many times people that suffer from lack of energy aren't properly hydrated.
> Get outside- sunshine releases vitamin D in the skin and can make for a happier you.
> Lift weights - strength training regularly improves muscle tone, increases metabolism, speeds fat loss, causes gains in strength and endurance as well as confidence. Join a gym today and get in shape!
> Take a multi vitamin - having proper vitamin and mineral balance is key to maintaining a healthy immune system and fighting off infection, Vitamins C,E,A, as well as zinc help fend off free radicals
> Avoid caffeine - caffeine is a helpful stimulant but is also a powerful diuretic, causing the body to expel water. This is in part the reason for a heavy crash feeling form caffeine products, dehydration leads to fatigue.
> Eat more protein - healthy muscles need protein to rebuild, upping your protein intake will ensure that any activity you do will lead to faster recovery and more strength and endurance
> Avoid sugary foods and excessive alcohol - sugary foods turn quickly to fat in sedentary people who's metabolism is no longer effective at burning excess calories quickly and efficiently. Choose more complex carbohydrate sources as well as lean proteins and healthy fats for a steadier energy output.
> Choose the right healthy supplements - Vh nutrition offers many options for daily supplementation. wether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, fight off stress, improve libido, or shed fat- VH nutrition has a 100% natural and healthy option for you to achieve your goal today!

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