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By far the most demanding sport for training commitment and sheer punishment on the body, triathletes require greater recovery abilities than almost any other sport. Grueling training regimens can lead to fatigue, appetite loss, exhaustion and elevated estrogen levels. By blocking elevated estrogen levels the trialthlete can greatly enhance recovery capability and improve times in each of the three events. Boost your training intensity and speed recovery today with EstroBlox!


Most distance runners know that the endorphin high during intense training can come with a price once you’ve stopped moving – fatigue, and joint and muscle pain. Training your body to become an endurance machine is not easy, but what if you could take your training to new heights naturally and see real results quickly. blocking estrogen is the answer, you can increase recover time and enhance endurance and stamina. Feel re-energized today with EstroBlox!


If you’re a competitive cyclist then you are familiar with what it means to train hard. For you biking 30 miles at a time may be the norm, but as you know hard training can take its toll on muscles and joints. You depend on your bike to get you from point A to point B, and you have to depend on your body’s hormone balance to optimize your recovery. Without optimal test levels you can’t train as hard and recover as quickly, and blocking estrogen is the key to getting a performance advantage. Push the limits of your body and your training today with EstroBlox!

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