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Keys To Manage Your Estrogen Intake

Few people realize that estrogen dominance is a problem that many men face. Estrogen dominance can contribute to weight gain, muscle loss and even emotional problems. Often times estrogen dominance can be attributed to one’s diet choices. Many foods that have very high levels of “phyto-estrogens” can actually cause your body to produce extra estrogen. Phyto-estrogens are a plant variation of human estrogen. Phyto-estrogens can be used to treat estrogen deficiency in women because they can have such a strong effect on one’s estrogen levels. However, when men consume large amounts of phyto-estrogens through food choices, their own estrogen levels can increase as well. When estrogen levels are increased in men there can be several negative consequences. Some of those consequences can include: weight gain in the chest and abdominal area, slow metabolism, decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass and muscle strength.

There are a lot of things can contribute to increased estrogen levels, however, the powerful factor affecting estrogen levels is our diet. Avoiding certain foods that increase estrogen levels can be a good first step to help men balance their hormonal levels in order to obtain an ideal balance of estrogen and testosterone.

Hormone Free Meat

Non-organic meat has been pumped full of many hormones to help to achieve unnatural growth and early maturity in animals. When these animals are butchered and sold in the supermarkets, those hormones are passed right along to you when you eat it. Consuming these unnatural amounts of growth hormones can drastically affect your own hormone levels, most notably estrogen levels. If increased estrogen levels are a concern to you, you should make it a point to only consume meat that is 100% organic and hormone free.

Organic Pesticide Free Produce

In the same way that meat can be laced with unnatural substances that can affect our hormone levels, produce can also be coated with pesticides that will wreak havoc on hormonal balance. Not only can some of these substances change our hormone levels, but in most cases pesticides that are used on produce is harmful to humans is many other ways. Keep in mind that pesticide is a poison used to kill living things and you are a living thing.

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles have been linked to increased estrogen levels. This happens because when water has been stored for long periods of time in plastic containers certain chemicals and substances are released from the plastic into the water and then those substances are consumed.

Whole Foods When Possible

Highly processed foods are loaded with unnecessary amounts of fat and sugar. Consuming high amount of fat and sugar can affect estrogen levels in men and women. To decrease estrogen levels and increase testosterone levels a diet should consist mostly of whole, unprocessed foods. A good rule to go by is if a cave man would not have eaten it you probably should not either. The exception to this would be oats and rice. Cave men did not know how to cultivate these grains, but they are still good for you.

When Diet Changes Aren’t Enough

Sometimes a person experiences an estrogen dominance that is so powerful that diet changes alone are not enough to make a significant difference. When this is the case the supplement DIM-XT can be used to help. DIM-XT or Diindolylmethane Complex is an estrogen inhibitor that can help your body to block estrogen production. This supplements works by detoxifying your body of the enzymes that contribute to estrogen dominance.

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