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DHT and Hair Loss PicResearch has shown the primary cause of patterned baldness in men and women is the result of di-hydrotestosterone, or DHT, a product of testosterone conversion in the body. many medical professionals look at this hormone as being the critical component associated with chronic follicle damage and ultimately hair loss.

DHT is synthesized from the hormone testosterone via the 5-apha reductase enzyme, Once it comes in contact with the enzymes of the skin and scalp. blood and nutrient flow to the hair follicle becomes restricted. Over time the hair begins to shrink and finally falls out.

Despite being a testosterone derivative DHT is not only found in men, but also in women. While women have far less test- osterone circulating through the body, the small amounts they do have can still be converted to DHT and can create the same unwanted effects as men.

One of the primary solutions to DHT induced hair thinning is to attack the problem at its source via a DHT blocker. Choosing a natural DHT blocker like Folliform ensures you get the benefits of powerful DHT blocking compounds without the cost and side effects of prescription drugs like Avodart. Folliform works with your body to stop thinning hair from progressing and strengthening and thickening your existing roots creating a fuller more healthy head of hair. By blocking DHT from reaching the follicle roots Folliform creates a barrier against its harmful effects and blood flow and nutrient absorption are restored! If you want to stop hair loss at the source, get Folliform Today!

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