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Cortibol Helps Block Cortisol LevelsStamina: Physical or moral strength to resist or with stand illness, fatigue, or hardship; endurance.

Life gets busy- with work and other responsibilities to worry about often times a healthy quality of life can get pushed to the back of the line. You find yourself with less energy then you used to have, less confidence, a little more weight around the mid section than you'd like, and all of these factors make you feel rundown. While there are many factors which contribute to this feeling there are two which stand at the forefront and should be addressed.
  1. Chronic Stress Related Cortisol Release - this is caused by too much stress, and can have a crippling effect on the body's systems. Your immune system will not function properly, leaving you more exposed to sickness. Elevated cortisol levels cause abdominal fat deposition, energy loss and less strength and endurance.
  2. Metabolic Slowing - The body begins to slow its metabolic rate down to conserve energy and calories. The result is that you put on weight, body fat, and have a harder time during exercise or dieting. You begin to fight an uphill battle to regain your strength, stamina, and energy levels.

Fortunately there is a way to relieve these counterproductive symptoms safety and effectively without harmful side effects. Researchers at Vh nutrition spent months testing the most effective natural herbal compounds that combat cortisol and general fatigue. The resulting formulation was Cortibol. An exciting new matrix of ingredients that deliver impressive results. Users for Cortibol report dramatic improvements in the first 10 days! Take with Curb Appetite Suppressant for even better results.

> Improved mood
> More stamina during exercise
> Increased energy throughout the day
> Increased metabolism and fat burning
> More desire and confidence

Cortibol Cortisol Blocker