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Eatmor Appetite Stimulant 5 pack
Eatmor from VH Nutrition

Eatmor is a 100% natural potent appetite stimulant product. Taken as a daily diertary supplement Eatmor works with the body to mimic the symptoms of hunger. Users report hollow feelings in the stomach, stomach growling, increased salivation and mild throat warming after 1 hour. Best taken on an empty stomach, Eatmor stimulant works effectively for those indiviuals looking to increase appetite and add extra calories each day for natural weight gain.
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Helpful Tips When Using Eatmor™ Appetite Stimulant

1. Remember Eatmor™ is a natural daily dietary supplement, not a drug. Eatmor™ will make it easier for you to gain weight by stimulating hunger symptoms, but it is still up to the user to actually eat. In order to gain weight you must take in more aclories each day than you expend- this lead to a calorie surplus which over time means weight gain. The desire to achieve a caloric daily goal, or overall goal weight must come from discipline and the desire of the user. Eatmor™ will help you get there.

2. Eatmor™ is best taken on an empty stomach. Most users report the largest appetite increase in the morning, approximately 1 hour after taking Eatmor™. Often breakfast is the smallest and most often forgotten meal of the day- using Eatmor™ to increase the frequency and size of the first meal of the day is paramount to putting on healthy weight.

3. Avoid caffiene and other stimulants while on a weight gaining regimen. Stimulants are effective at reducing appetite, which is why it is are used in weight loss formulas- obviously this is counter productive to the goal.

4. Exercising regularly or lifting weights will augment the nature with which the calories you consume are applied to your body. Increases in muscle mass are often associated with combining appetite stimulant products like Eatmor™ with weigth training.

Eatmor™ Label, Supplement Facts, and Product Details

Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement, take to 4 capsules with 8 oz, of water on an empty stomach upon waking and one hour before scheduled meal times throughout the day to encourage meal frequency. Do not take if pregnant or nursing- not intended for small children.

Eatmor Supplement Facts

Customer Q & A

Q. Does Eatmor™ have any side effects?
A. None have been reported, Eatmor™ is a natural product with none of the side effects of many appetite stimulating drugs, and at a fraction of the price.

Q. How long does it take to work?
A. Most users report hunger symptoms with one hour of the first use, typically at a serving size of 4 capsules.

Q. Does Eatmor™ work for everyone?
A. Most people wil respond favorably to Eatmor,in varying degrees of effectiveness. Some users have gained up to 20lbs in 8 weeks using Eatmor, though those results are not typical.

Q. How long does my order take to process and ship to me?
A. Eatmor™ orders are processed within 24 hrs. and ship the following day. All orders are shipped first class USPS and arrive within 2 to 4 days.

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