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Men and women alike can struggle with putting on excess body fat. It happens slowly over time and before we know it our pants don't fit and our bodies don't look exactly like we would like them too.

Aging is one reason for this, as we age our metabolic rate will typically begin to slow, especially in women. This results in the body becoming less efficient at burning calories and often times you can eat the same amount of calories you once did but gain weight and body fat. While you can take many different supplements like appetite suppressants, diet pills or even phentermine, the best option is typically just increasing exercise and blocking negative stressors

Another factor that can lead to weight gain is hormonal imbalance. As men and women age the ratio of some important hormones starts to change. In men, testosterone levels begin to drop and estrogen levels can rise- resulting in fatigue, low libido, and losses in strength and stamina. Because these hormones can play such as powerful role in ones metabolic rate the body will begin to store excess calories as fat due to the drop in the metabolism.

There are a few ways to take back control over your body's fuel burning.
  1. Increase exercise - remember that the human body was built to move. If you want to increase fat metabolism and start losing those inches you’ve gained in all the wrong places then start using your body again. Strength training, sports and other activities will get you back on track. Your body must see the need to use the calories you give it, so give it a reason to be in shape.
  2. Block elevated Hormone levels - Elevated levels of Cortisol and Estrogen can increase Fat Deposition, especially in the abdominal region. This creates the unwanted “muffin Top” in women and “beer belly” in men. Blacking over production of these hormones will stop fat from ending up where it shouldn't. In fact it may not be deposited at all, if the metabolic rate is increased the body will burn calories more efficiently and the result will be a healthier fitter you.

Vh nutrition offers two distinct natural formulas to help combat these problems. The first is a powerful natural Estrogen Inhibitor, Estroblox. Its ingredients stop estrogen from creating unwanted effects in the body. The result is a boost in natural testosterone production in men. To stop Cortisol researchers at VH Nutrition have created Cortibol. Formulated with powerful adaptogens, Cortibol targets the bodies weaknesses created by elevated Cortisol levels and returns them to normal levels. More energy, improved mood, and less body fat with diet and exercise. If fat loss is your goal them choose your weapon today!

Cortibol Cortisol Blocker