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Why Does Folliform Work PicWhy does Follifrom work?.. because its proven ingredients work in synergy to reduce or even eliminate symptoms associated with chronic hair loss related DHT production.

When researchers at VH Nutrition first started to tackle the DHT problem, they began with the laundry list of negative symptoms that DHT absorption can create in the body. Then, methodically began to look at each and every viable herbal and natural ingredient that could address these symptoms. One by one, dozens of ingredients were tested in combination to provide the user with optimal results. The resulting formula- formula 1407, was renamed Folliform and the rest is history.

While the identification of DHT as a major contributor to chronic androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness may be a relatively new discovery, at VH Nutrition we pride ourselves on pushing out in front to give regular people natural alternatives to expensive prescription drugs for their ailments. We have also used other ingredients found in popular hair care products like Natrol NuHair.

Users of Folliforms potent natural formula report changes in hair thickness and slowing of hair loss within the first month of use. Users who have used Folliform in conjunction with proper nutrition and scalp health programs have claimed to see decreases hair loss, improvements in hair thickness and body as well as the associated marked increases in confidence and mood.

If you struggle with DHT related hair loss give Folliform a try today!

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Why Does Folliform Work
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