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The reason Estroblox works so well is because it does what it claims- users report harder, dryer physiques in the first few weeks. A common symptom of estrogen reduction. Estrogen traps water under the skin leaving a soft and bloated look to the body, as well as lowering sex drive and energy levels. Inhibiting Estrogen absorption allows testosterone to work more effectively as it is no longer competing for binding sites in the body. You get stronger, leaner, have more energy and libido. Period.

The researchers at VH Labs spent months in the research and development of a product that could mimic the palpable results of prescription estrogen blockers with the cost effective, side effect free nature of using natural compounds. Estroblox was the result. We’ve chosen only the potent ingredients that show real results in actual people in real time. After researching any and all natural compounds out there we set about testing them one by one in varying concentrations and combinations, taken at different times of day, and under differing circumstances. Anything that didnt perform was simply thrown out. When it comes to blocking estrogen if you don’t notice a result within the first week or so then what good is it.

For many people getting expensive prescriptions or using black market products is not an option. Physicians are hesitant to administer anti estrogen drugs if you do not meet every criteria on a long check list. So what about the rest of us?

With thousands of bottles sold Estroblox does what it claims. Often times athletes and average Joes alike get caught up in the hype of products that promise to deliver unbelievable results. With Estroblox this is not the case. In order to get real physiological results you must do one of two things:

#1. Inhibit estrogen absorption, tilting the testosterone / estrogen balance in the body Toward testosterone production and uptake


#2. Stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone naturally

Well….we did both. The creators of Estroblox included proven natural estrogen blockers with powerful adaptogens and test boosters to create a synergistic physiological environment, leading to harder and fuller muscles, more energy, power and sex drive. Get on the road to real results today with Estroblox!

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