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     Why does EATMOR work so well?....because it does what it claims. EATMOR is a %100 natural, super strength appetite stimulant. The creators of EATMORs potent blend of ingredients spent months in the research and development of a product that could blend the palpable results of many appetite stimulating drugs with the cost effective, side effect free nature of natural compounds. The resulting product was EATMOR.
     We’ve chosen only the ingredients that show real world results in actual people in real time. After researching any and all natural remedies out there the creators of EATMOR set about testing them one by one in varying amounts, taken at different times of day, and under differing circumstances. Anything that didn't perform was simply thrown out. When it comes to appetite stimulation if you can't feel anything the first time you take it then what good is it. For many people taking expensive appetite drugs is not an option. Physicians are hesitant to administer drugs of this nature due to the potential side effects. It is a last resort and often only administered to cancer patients and those suffering from other life threatening ailments. So what about the rest of us?
      The EATMOR slogan is “eatmor food, gain more weight”. Often times athletes and normal folks alike get caught up in the hype of products that promise to deliver unbelievable results. With EATMOR this is not the case. In order to gain weight you must take in more calories each day than you expend. While this premise may sound simple enough, for people with higher metabolisms or those that suffer from appetite loss it is not so simple... but, once you’ve  augmented your caloric intake using EATMOR’s appetite stimulating formula it is the REAL MEALS you eat each day that put the weight on like magic. Not creatine, not protein powder, and not steroids or other appeite stimulating drugs. Just you, EATMOR,and a larger food bill. Take control of your weight with EATMOR!

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Why Does EATMOR Work?
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