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    Gaining weight can be an obstacle  to better athletic performance for some or just a barrier to greater health and well being for others. In sports,  weight often translates to greater strength or on field performance. For the elderly aging can mean loss of muscle mass and vitality. In each  target group the ability to stimulate the appetite can have dramatic effects.
     Advances in nutrition in last 10 years have brought to light many of the problems associated with the modern diet. Too much fat and sugar in the diet leads to obesity, due to the sedentary nature of people today. If  the activity levels matched the dietary intake you would see far less obesity. Modern nutritional theory has people eating 5 to 6 smaller meals a day. This causes the metabolic rate to increase due to the constant processing of the  meals,and the body can absorb the nutrients without the need to store them as fat on the body. The key here is to recognize the body’s processes that lead to weight gain and optimize them.
     If eating 5 to 6 smaller meals a day is recommended to stabilize body weight via the mechanisms described above then common sense tells that in order to gain body weight that fewer meals is the answer. Fewer AND larger. Lets take the case of the Sumo Wrestlers diet .Competitive Sumo Wrestlers only eat twice a day believe it or not. They wake at 6 AM and train until noon on an empty stomach, putting the body into starvation mode. They then sit and eat lunch, anywhere from 3000 to 6000 calories in a sitting followed by a long nap. The nap is key because it allows the body to attempt to assimilate all the calories consumed in a sedentary state. after the nap is another 3 hour training session followed by a gigantic dinner and then to bed. While this is certainly the extreme it brings to light the basic tenants of weight gain....which are making the body believe that it may be a long time until it will eat again (starvation), large meals, and plenty of rest.
     Rather than training for hours on an empty stomach to stimulate appetite, you can fill that gap and fool your body into starvation
with EATMOR. Taking EATMOR on an empty stomach creates the same effect. Within 30 minutes you will be ravenous,, and EATMOR
users report eating 30% more calories per meal on average. Instead of eating a 1000 calorie meal, you eat over 1300. Why? Because you are hungry. At the end of the day, eating 3 of those sized meals you’ve managed to eat 1000 MORE calories. Over time the stomach will expand to accommodate these larger meals but the hunger will remain the same. Now 1300 calories per meal turns into 1500 and
so on. If extreme eaters can eat 50 hotdogs at one sitting at 170lbs. body weight than surely YOU can eat an extra 300 calories per meal. You can see why EATMOR users report weight gain of up to 20lbs in a matter of months. Real food, not supplements.
    Ignite your appetite with EATMOR.

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Why Does EATMOR Work?
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