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nutrition and wellness picIf you're suffering from situational baldness or male/female pattern baldness, you may laugh about it among your friends. Chances are, however, that you're crying about it in privacy. But by no means are you alone. Fortunately, there are many remedies like Folliform, HairOmega, Shen Min, and NuHair to relieve hair loss and the personal embarrassment that results from it.

Believe it or not the way you eat can effect the way your hair grows. The typical American's high-fat, high-animal protein and high-salt diet damages the kidneys and creates acidic blood, which can create a volatile environment that can promote hair loss among other unwanted effects, The American diet is also usually very low in vitamins. This type of lifestyle leads to vitamin deficiency, which can be another contributor to unwanted hair loss. The way that you eat has a direct effect on the health of all of your bodies systems, but none seam to show it quite as readily as the skin. Those with diets containing high nutrient density often have strong, thick hair and a “healthy glow” to the skin.

Using a natural product to support healthy hair growth like Folliform helps to fortify your scalp against harmful DHT and works in synergy with your bodies own systems to promote a healthy environment for your hair to grow. If you are experiencing unwanted hair thinning or hair loss, start making healthier food choices and add Folliform to your hair care regimen, your hair and skin will thank you!

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