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Weight Loss Article ImageWeight loss can be a challenging task for anyone. We are often fighting with our body’s desire to try and stay the same (homeostasis), and loosing pounds and inches can really be an uphill road. Fortunately today we know more about the science of weight loss and can make it easier to take control of our bodies and relieve the frustration.

To get a handle on a weight loss goal you must first try and identify how you got to the weight you are at. What does your typical daily diet look like, how old are you, what is your daily activity level, to you have any ailments that can keep you from achieving your goals. Taking an accurate assessment before you begin will help you to understand the best way to proceed and also to establish a realistic expectation for your goal weight and time line.

For example: Susan is 37 years, works full time, has had 2 children, and is 5’6”  and 150lbs.-  She has a desk job as a receptionist, so her activity level is low, She is also in her late thirties and has had children so her metabolism is slower as well. She would like to lose 25lbs and return to the weight she was when she
was 25.

Here are 2 primary ways to lose weight

  1. If your activity level is low than you can assume that your metabolism is also slowed down to a crawl. This means your body would rather STORE calories than burn them as fuel. Calorie storage is also known as FAT. Increasing your metabolism via exercise is a great way to begin to change the way your body deals with its calories, using your meals as fuel instead of storing them as fat.
  2. If you take in more calories than your body burns as fuel it is stored. Over time this “storage” is packed all over your body as FAT and body weight. Restricting calories, also known as DIETING is a great way to begin to reprogram your body to use up its fat stores and burn them away. Eating fewer meals, and  choosing healthier food options will allow you to lose weight safely and effectively over time. 

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