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    Staying in shape is important for overall health and well being. Whether you are playing a sport, working out at a gym or just being active the body functions better, and you function better when you have an active lifestyle.
    Staying fit is a great way to ward off stress because it gives you an outlet to release your anxiety, aggression, or any other negative emotion that can creep in when you're under stress. When our bodies are under stress for long periods of time Cortisol can begin to make things difficult when it comes to staying in shape.
     Cortisol signals our body to secrete more insulin, essentially giving your body the green light to eat more food and store more of those extra calories as fat. Emotional variances are often also increased,: depression, anxiety, moodiness, aggression- all of these can be a result of chronic stress and elevated Cortisol levels. So really it becomes a perfect storm for you to lose motivation to stay active. You gain fat and don't feel good. If this goes on for weeks and months you can end up in a very unhealthy place both emotionally and physically.
     Cortibol goes to work from the very first serving to reverse the symptoms of stress and Cortisol overproduction. You will begin to
feel better and gain the confidence and energy back that you've lost to get back to what you love to do. By inhibiting Cortisol production
and absorption naturally you can eliminate the unwanted symptoms without the cost and side effects of powerful prescription drugs.
Users of Cortibol report decreases in anxiety and increases in energy and stamina. Those that combine Cortibol with proper diet and
exercise see increases in lean mass as well as reductions in body fat percentage. Take back the control over your body and live the
active lifestyle you deserve, give Cortibol a try Today!

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