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Hair and Scalp Health
hair and scalp health picIf you are experiencing premature hair loss, breakage or thinning hair then DHT may be to blame. The good news is that there are steps you can take to reverse the problem and create a healthier scalp, thicker stronger hair, and slow or even reverse the symptoms of DHT related hair loss. Here are some tips to help turn things around.

1. Brush Your Hair Each Day - This tip is not just for good hygiene, using a soft bristled brush can pull your own healthy oils from the roots of your hair towards the tips, strengthening and nourishing you whole hair.

2.Take Your Vitamins - The typical American diet is grossly deficient in vital nutrients, and vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to hair loss.

3. Try Deep Conditioning Treatments a Few Times a Month- this can rejuvenate hair that may be drying out due to over styling and other hair products.

4. Avoid Heat
- frequently using a hair dryer or flat iron can damage hair, even to the root. when possible allow hair to air dry or avoid styles that require excessive manipulation.

5. Use a Natural DHT Blocker - targeting DHT with hair care products like Shen Min or HairOmegaand other related products reduce hair loss and attacking it from the inside out is a sure way to increase your hair and scalp health without relying on expensive prescription products. Folliform works with your body to block DHT naturally and allows your hair to re-establish its own healthy growth cycle. Follifroms powerful formula creates a bio-barrier that blocks DHT from adhering to your hair follicles and choking off vital nutrients and blood flow to your roots. The result is a thicker healthier head of hair.

If you care about the health of your scalp and want to release your hair from the bondage of harmful DHT then get a bottle of Folliform today and break the cycle of pattern baldness- your scalp will thank you for it!

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