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VH Labs Develops and Trademarks Eatmor Appetite Stimulant

"WE STRIVE TO provide the Best Appetite Stimulants on the Market"

AT VH Labs we are committed to providing healthy appetite stimulants and products that work well with your workout routine. Our appetite stimulant is an over the counter appetite stimulant. VH Labs is always looking to develop and experiment with new products and styles of supplements including muscle builders, weight gainers, creatine, appetite supplements, and alfalfa products. we know that you are looking to find these products and you can always look to Violent Hero to help you discover what kind of products you want to try out. We are in beta testing now for a few products . let us know what you think about them to see how well our appetite stimulants work for you.

What's more? Every product comes with a guarantee...


We partner with you and use the best digestive enzymes for our stimulants