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DIM-XT Complex Supplement
DIM-XT with 100% natural Diindolylmethane from VH Nutrition


DIM-XT is a 100% natural DIM complex using Diindolylmethane in conjunction with other potent estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors. Our DIM formula is combined with other products to produce the best results. We are so confident in our product that we now offer free shipping within the United States and offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Give DIM-XT a try today.
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What Makes our DIM Complex Different?

Dim XT Supplement AdThe biggest difference is that DIM-XT goes places that other DIM (Diindolylmethane) products cannot go. When you want a supplement it needs to be able do what is designed to do. That is another reason why DIM-XT is different. It is backed by two trials. DIM-XT or Diindolylmethane complex is different from other products because it bridges an absorption gap that other products do not. DIM is insoluble, which means that it is not able to be absorbed by cells of our digestive system. DIM-XT uses a patented microencapsulated BioResponse technology that allows DIM to be absorbed by our body during digestion. That factor makes DIM-XT different from other products that contain DIM.

How Does Our DIM complex Work?

DIM works by allowing the healthy detoxification of cytochrome P450, or CYP is an enzyme that is used as a catalyst during oxidation organics. More importantly, cytochrome P450 enzymes are made up in part by steroids and toxins. Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs on the cellular level. Oxidation is known to damage cell walls, cellular DNA, and cell organs. What this means is that oxidation is damaging to the body. Cytochrome is an enzyme that allows oxidation to begin. It is the catalyst. DIM removes or prevents cytochrome from being a catalyst which helps to reduce cellular oxidation. DIM also helps the body balance hormone levels, which has the positive side effect of reducing cancers that are hormone related. In men, DIM can help to reduce naturally or diet induced estrogen.

Because DIM-XT has bridged a digestive gap, and is now capable of entering the bloodstream it is able to detoxify cells by removing cytochrome. In so doing, the cell health is improved, and cell oxidation is decreased. The result is healthier breast, cervical, and prostate cells.

How Do DIM Complexes and Supplements Work?

DIM Complexes and DIM Supplements work because of our encapsulated delivery system that allows DIM-XT to be absorbed into the blood stream during digestion. The red blood cells carry DIM to the cells where it begins to do it's job. The process is important because when DIM is in a pure form it cannot be absorbed by the body. Diindolylmethane is part of the Insoluble fibers that are found in cruciferous vegetables. So without Microencapsulation our bodies would not be able to utilize DIM in the blood stream.

What is Estrogen?

Diindolymethane is a naturally occurring compound that is produced when organisms, such as humans, eat cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are brassicas which is a bunch of fancy words that mean plants that are found in the mustard family. These include broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and kale. Technically, Diindolymethane is a compound we make when we eat food that contains indole-3-carbinol (I3C). Those foods are the vegetables in the mustard family of plants. Diindolylmethane is an enzyme that is the bi-product of eating certain healthy foods. DIM is also a substance that helps to reduce the risk of certain kinds of cancers, especially cancers that occur in the breasts, cervix, and the prostate. DIM is also known to help reduce the effects of oxidation on a cellular level. Oxidation is linked to cell health and cell death and is a product of the aging process. DIM is also very difficult for our bodies to absorb, which is why DIM Supplements DIM-XT is important. Through a patented process, the DIM-XT allows DIM to be absorbed by the body where it's benefits can be unleashed in a positive way. So if you refuse to eat Brussels Spouts, DIM-XT might be an alternative menu option.

What Causes Elevated Estrogen Levels?

We typically think of estrogen as a female hormone, but we are about to see that our assumption is not true. Natural cases of estrogen elevation can be due to over activity in the ovaries. For men, estrogen can be a problem too. To be quite truthful, male bodies also produce and utilize a very small amount of estrogen naturally. Sometimes estrogen levels rise because we are getting older. In men who are overweight, the size of your "Man-Breasts" or gynocomastia, can play a part in increasing levels of estrogen. You might think that funny, but somehow when men have boobs it causes the male body to start to produce more estrogen. The same can happen with abdominal obesity and the production of aromatase, which causes testosterone to convert to estrogen. Other factors include medications, alcohol consumption, and drug use can cause estrogen levels to rise. So keep in mind that while estrogen is a natural hormone produced by both men and women, that other factors can influence estrogen levels.

DIM-XTâ„¢ Natural Estrogen Blocker Label & Supplement Facts

Directions for Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules with 8 oz, of water or other beverage upon waking and again in the afternoon. Do not take if pregnant or nursing- not intended for children.

DIM XT Label

Customer Q & A

Q. Does DIM-XT have any side effects?
A. DIM-XT works naturally with your body and does not use any synthetic supplements. DIM-XT
uses only FDA regulated ingredients that are not known to interact with any medications or cause side

Q. How long does DIM-XT take to work?
A. Most users report a feeling of improved hormone levels within a week or two.

Q. Does DIM-XT work for everyone?
A. DIM-XT is formulated for adults, and should not be taken by children.

Q. How long does my order take to process and ship to me?
A. DIM-XT orders are processed within 24 hrs. and ship the following day. All orders are shipped first class USPS and arrive within 2 to 4 days.

DIM Complex Infographic

Talk to Your Doctor About DIM-XT

It is important that you talk to your doctor about DIM side effects. There are currently no known adverse reaction to medication, but DIM should not be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. DIM can change hormonal levels, so it is important to talk with your doctor about the side effects that DIM could cause in your body. We are all unique creatures, and that includes how supplements interact with our system. Your doctor can help you make sure that this is the right product for you.

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4 of 5 Tests are good December 11, 2013
Reviewer: Mark Burns from St. Johns, MI United States  
So far my estrogen tests are showing a decrease. good news too

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4 of 5 Easy December 10, 2013
Reviewer: Justin Sturgess from Yonkers, NY United States  
I've been taking DIM-XT with TestRush and We (my wife and I) have noticed some good results ;)

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5 of 5 Incredible Stuff October 30, 2013
Reviewer: Mike Parket from Missoula, MT United States  
Wow i've taken other DIM products before and didn't notice a big change but when I took DIM-XT with TestRush I felt awesome.

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